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Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Lockwood Announces New Exclusive Public Space

Lockwood Publishing is set to introduce a new, exclusive public space with this Wednesday's update.  It's no secret, Lockwood's Dream Estates are some of the best personal spaces on Home.

Sunset Lounge is the name and relaxing with a little blackjack on a dewy, sunset lit beach is the game.  According to Lockwood, Sunset Lounge will include a casino with free blackjack for all.  Not to mention rewards for top players. What does this mean for Digital Leisure? Competition in the Casino market should be good for the user surely.

Be sure to stop by the Exclusive Commerce Point in Sunset Lounge for a new outfit, either a gold dress or a white pinstripe suit.

Sounds like beachfront water access and fish feeding "from the unique glass jetty" will be available as well.

Announced "as a special thank you to all Dream Universe patrons," Sunset Lounge will only be accessible by Dream Estates owners.  So if you are the owner of at least one Dream Estate then this is definitely a space you'll wanna check out!

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