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Saturday, June 22, 2013

The Last Of Us

The Last Of Us is an apocalyptic survival horror game from Naughty Dog. The game is set some 20 yrs after an outbreak of unknown origin where Joel after losing his daughter in the initial chaos ends up with Ellie years later to escort her to a lab where they may find in her the key to saving humanity. This game gives an experience unlike any other and may be one of the best I've ever played!

The first hour of this game went by really slow for me. It seemed like an hour long really boring tutorial but is necessary to help you get the full impact of whats going on later in the game so bear through it. I would have liked to see more parts for upgrades, but my guess is that this was intentional design to relate a feeling of limited supplies. After an event like this careful choice in which items you choose to upgrade is needed.

The horror aspect of the game is present but definitely not the main focal point or the biggest threat. There are just 3 type of creatures, or rather 3 phases of the same type. Runners are still mostly human looking, Clickers are blind and emit a clicking sound for echo location, and Bloaters are creatures who have been exposed to the infection for a long period of time and become bloated looking.

Other survivors or humans pose the real threat to you in your journey. At almost every turn someone is trying to rob, kill, or eat you. This game never lets up and gives you that feeling of desperation/exhaustion one would really feel in these circumstances. I had to pause the game several times just to step away for a minute so I  could breathe, it was that intense!

The scenery in this game is amazing from the cityscapes reclaimed by nature on the outside to the remaining human decay on the inside The Last of us sucks you into their world through great story telling.

I don't want to give away too much so I'll end with this...

The Last of Us is an awesome experience and I highly recommend it. you get to craft all kinds of weapons from a bow to a flame thrower. SCRIMP, SCROUNGE, SCURRY, SURVIVE!

Friday, June 14, 2013

Big Trouble With Mia_Chyna

Well not really...

A new challenger has popped up on the craps board recently and for the past 2 days has done 400k a day looking to make a last minute run for 1st place I'm sure! With just 11 days left in the competition this is not what I wanted to see but I'll have to humor her I guess.

Lets estimate a daily score of 500k that puts 5.5 million onto her score which currently sits at 4.8 by seasons end bringing her total to 10.2 million by close of the competition. I'm currently at 8.2 so I probably need to do around 3.5 just to be safe. Survey says...sorry Mia don't waste your time! :)

Monday, June 10, 2013

Closing in on 300 million!

My nemesis stinky has been taken out! I had an awesome 2 week run where I managed to put 6 million a day on the leaderboard for 1 week and over 2 million in my holdings! I'm now a good 50 million ahead and with just 2 weeks left till the end of the season it is all but over!

Now I can relax and enjoy some poker without the weight of maintaining my position on my shoulders! What a relief! I got to kick back this weekend and enjoy the first official tournament from Digital Leisure. Chasing the leaderboards has made my poker game rusty and I could only manage to place 56th out of 401 entries. Oh well better luck next time I guess!

I've also put together a little poker tournament for the VIP POKER club that I'm a part of. We had the first games out of the 6 week event on Tuesday. The way it works is you play 2 games a week for 6 weeks. Your best 4 weeks scores are added up and prizes go to the 1st 2nd and 3rd spots. It's always a blast playing with these guys!

Well I'm back to Home Life! See ya around Homies!


Friday, May 17, 2013

MAMA - DVD Review

Guillermo Del Toro is popular for many horror titles usually involving children in some fashion. He has a talent for building a great atmosphere in his movies and then , for me at least , totally throwing it all out the window on a abrupt usually insufficient ending. I have enjoyed every movie he has put out that I've seen right up until then. I was expecting the same for MAMA but was pleasantly surprised!

The story starts with an unhappy father figure who kills his wife and attempts to take the rest of the family with him. When he tries to take out the kids he is stopped by a mysterious force who then looks after the kids for the next 5 years until they are found by a couple of old hunters paid by the children's uncle to locate them. This doesn't sit to well with " MAMA" the mysterious entity who has already laid claim to them!

This movie had my attention from start to finish and is definitely worth the watch! If I were on a points system with movies I'd give this 4 out of 5 Squeaks!

Sunday, May 12, 2013

15 Hours

That's what I'll be putting in on the wheel today! The first hour wasn't so hot, I lost 60k in 15 minutes but it eventually turned around and I'm now 60k ahead! roughly 12 hrs to go before I'm done for the day!

With about 6 weeks to go I'm in for alot of long days. The official end date for season 3 is June 26th which leaves me with about 45 days. I'm hoping to put in somewhere between 500-600 hours during that time after which I will be totally exhausted and may never return to the casino again! As if that would actually ever happen :)

I will, however, focus more of my time getting ready for the release of the PS4! I will no doubt be one of the first in line assuming there's no pre-orders of course!

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Breaking 200 Million!

The wheel has been kind so far today and by the end of the day I expect to break 200 million on the global leader board! High rollers should follow shortly after in about 5 days or so! It's not always easy and often very time consuming , but with perseverance and determination I expect to take the number 1 spot in four categories this season.

Roulette is obviously going to be a no-brainer especially since my current score is more than double what 2nd place has in this category. When Roulette first appeared in The Casino I was skeptical to say the least I avoided it for at least the first month other than playing to get the cardboard box robot costume. I watched others play namely Mermaid_KT who was the first Roulette champion. After shadowing her for a few hours I decided to give it a try and was instantly hooked!

Craps was an immediate draw for me too although I was too busy with global to go for it the second season. Since I had decided I wasn't going for global in season 3 initially, I decided to tackle something a little less challenging. It became clear to me that esco887, the first winner of the Craps Champ jacket was going to give me a fight for sure. currently we are tied for first so if we end the season tied I guess we'll see how that pans out with the jackets.

I've shared previously about my intentions with global and won't go into that too much but I haven't really talked about High Rollers. This is the first season for the High Rollers Lounge which gives me an opportunity to be the first person on Home to sport the jacket for it. I am curious if the HR jacket will be unique like the global jacket or if it will simply be another purple jacket with the words " High Rollers Champ " on the back. If it is purple chances are I won't sport it for more than a week, if that.

With about 7 weeks to go in season 3 one thing is certain, Stinky isn't letting up and It is going to be a battle for sure! Hopefully with hard work I can go out passing the torch instead of by defeat!

Sunday, May 5, 2013

Today's Mission

Go Hard on Roulette and gain a few million more points on Stinky! Unfortunately I had originally started the season with no intention of going for global again so in the beginning I took it easy and played casually dropping back a few times. 

When I decided to go for it Stinky let me know he was out to get me by trying to use an alternate account to play on my table to try and slow me down! I picked up on it immediately and decided to jump on his table to see what would happen. After a few minutes he got up and went to the other table and sat his alternate at my table again. This happened a few times before I finally exclaimed " I DON'T THINK SO".

Since then I decided to return the favor and toyed with him for about half a day and that seemed to get him off my back. Now every time I go into a room to play he promptly leaves =) 

Tuesday, April 30, 2013

PS Home Updates May 1, 2013 *Updated

This week check out the new clothing items from Lockwood Publishing's Drey Collection.  Looks include The Sweetheart outfit (white dress), The Starlet outfit (navy dress), The Aviator (leather jacket and slacks), and The Mariner (navy jacket and brown loafers).  Fashions befitting the above-average Sunset Lounge patron.  (All items available in the Lockwood store.)

Check out the Cinco de Mayo celebration items from Juggernaut Games.

Pictures kindly borrowed from Your PS Home. Be sure to check out the full article by kwoman32 here


Starting May 1st nDreams will be having a bargin sale on many of their most popular items.  "Venice Beach, Savage Manor, Journey To The West and Sports Locomotions are just a few of the items included."  A sales event no Homestonian should miss.  Sale lasts from May 1st to May 29th.

For more information on Granzella's items check out AlphaZone4's article here.

Check out PSHome Source for updates on other things coming out May 1st.

Sunday, April 28, 2013

And The Winner Is....

Congrats to the winner of Digital Leisure's 2nd Poker Tournament Beta!

Accidental_Donut !