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Sunday, May 12, 2013

15 Hours

That's what I'll be putting in on the wheel today! The first hour wasn't so hot, I lost 60k in 15 minutes but it eventually turned around and I'm now 60k ahead! roughly 12 hrs to go before I'm done for the day!

With about 6 weeks to go I'm in for alot of long days. The official end date for season 3 is June 26th which leaves me with about 45 days. I'm hoping to put in somewhere between 500-600 hours during that time after which I will be totally exhausted and may never return to the casino again! As if that would actually ever happen :)

I will, however, focus more of my time getting ready for the release of the PS4! I will no doubt be one of the first in line assuming there's no pre-orders of course!

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