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Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Breaking 200 Million!

The wheel has been kind so far today and by the end of the day I expect to break 200 million on the global leader board! High rollers should follow shortly after in about 5 days or so! It's not always easy and often very time consuming , but with perseverance and determination I expect to take the number 1 spot in four categories this season.

Roulette is obviously going to be a no-brainer especially since my current score is more than double what 2nd place has in this category. When Roulette first appeared in The Casino I was skeptical to say the least I avoided it for at least the first month other than playing to get the cardboard box robot costume. I watched others play namely Mermaid_KT who was the first Roulette champion. After shadowing her for a few hours I decided to give it a try and was instantly hooked!

Craps was an immediate draw for me too although I was too busy with global to go for it the second season. Since I had decided I wasn't going for global in season 3 initially, I decided to tackle something a little less challenging. It became clear to me that esco887, the first winner of the Craps Champ jacket was going to give me a fight for sure. currently we are tied for first so if we end the season tied I guess we'll see how that pans out with the jackets.

I've shared previously about my intentions with global and won't go into that too much but I haven't really talked about High Rollers. This is the first season for the High Rollers Lounge which gives me an opportunity to be the first person on Home to sport the jacket for it. I am curious if the HR jacket will be unique like the global jacket or if it will simply be another purple jacket with the words " High Rollers Champ " on the back. If it is purple chances are I won't sport it for more than a week, if that.

With about 7 weeks to go in season 3 one thing is certain, Stinky isn't letting up and It is going to be a battle for sure! Hopefully with hard work I can go out passing the torch instead of by defeat!

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