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Friday, May 17, 2013

MAMA - DVD Review

Guillermo Del Toro is popular for many horror titles usually involving children in some fashion. He has a talent for building a great atmosphere in his movies and then , for me at least , totally throwing it all out the window on a abrupt usually insufficient ending. I have enjoyed every movie he has put out that I've seen right up until then. I was expecting the same for MAMA but was pleasantly surprised!

The story starts with an unhappy father figure who kills his wife and attempts to take the rest of the family with him. When he tries to take out the kids he is stopped by a mysterious force who then looks after the kids for the next 5 years until they are found by a couple of old hunters paid by the children's uncle to locate them. This doesn't sit to well with " MAMA" the mysterious entity who has already laid claim to them!

This movie had my attention from start to finish and is definitely worth the watch! If I were on a points system with movies I'd give this 4 out of 5 Squeaks!

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  1. Nice review, heard lots of great positive comments about Mama and im definitely gonna go see it soon. :)