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Friday, April 26, 2013

Will Home be on Playstation 4?

As the "HOLIDAY 2013" release of Playstation 4 grows closer my concern for PS Home's survival  grows stronger.  I've probably googled it 20 times by now and have yet to find an answer offering any true assurance PS Home will make the transition. 

I for one am a 95% PS Home user and 5% miscellaneous PS3 game user.  It wasn't until 2012 that I officially discovered PS Home and became an active member.  It's my understanding PS Home's early days left much to be desired and therefore lost the interest of many Playstation gamers.  I can only assume it is a blessing I missed out on the early days because my experiences on PS Home have been nothing but enjoyable.

If PS Home (or version of Home) fails to make the transition to PS4 then I am fairly certain I won't be purchasing one.  This will be a difficult decision for me as I have been a loyal Playstation gamer since 1995.

For now I'll continue my adventures on PS Home and try to remain hopeful Home will be around for a while.

For more information on Playstation 4 check out this video or visit the PS4 website.

Should PS Home be available on PS4?  Comment below.

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