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Wednesday, April 17, 2013

I'm excited to hear that Digital Leisure is hosting another beta
version of the poker tournament. It is expected to run on the
weekend of the 27-28 of this month. Hopefully I will get some
cards this time.

During this tournament participants will receive just 3000 chips
as opposed to the 5000 players received last time. This is in an
effort to get players to play with caution and to get those unwanted
" all-in-ers " out a little quicker. The time for qualifying will be reduced
from 8 hours to 6 hours as well.

Though this sounds good in theory , as someone who had horrible
cards last time it just means that those who are trying will also
have less of a chance at redemption as the event progresses.

Also the ranking will be determined by winnings vs. holdings,
meaning that if 1 player played just 4 games and won all 4
off a streak of luck their holdings could be the same as someone
who had played 10 games but likely the winnings from each
game played by the 2nd player would be higher thus the 2nd
player would hold higher ranking. I like this change!

One thing I would like to see change as well is the payout system
for the qualifying round. Currently 1st place receives just over
3.5 times the buy-in, 2nd  gets 1.5times, and 3rd receives just half
with no payouts for 4th 5th or 6th. This means that 3rd place loses
holdings thus will have less playing time. I would like to see a more
even distribution of 3 times for 1st, 2 times for 2nd, and for 3rd to
break even.

There will be no new codes distributed for this second beta,
if you missed the qualification for the first one then you are sadly
out of luck for this one as well. However, if you received a code for
first one and missed it for some reason then this is your second chance!

Also, there will be reward items for everyone who makes it into the
semi-final round and final round!

I can't wait for a second shot at this. My first go round wasn't so

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