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Monday, April 15, 2013

A Look Into My Season 3

I woke up a bit late today enjoying a little free time away from the casino. It was nice to not have to worry about whether or not my competition was making a mad dash securing a few million that I would have to keep pace with.

I started out season 3 with little or no intention of playing for the leaderboard again, however my regular game play is such that it was unavoidable. Within no time I found myself in the number 4 spot whilst still taking time to get involved in other home activities that I had neglected in season 2.

I started with Aurora and began making my ascent towards level 100 so that I could get the apartment. I purchased a few of the upgrades to hasten the process of course. I was also psyched about the Trap-O-Matic and got a kick out of the ninja outfit , probably my favorite item from the machine.

Then I was off to F.U.B.A.R. I got to about level 10 on this game and decided to quit playing because it is so tedious and the time It takes to level starts to becoming overbearing. Also, I find the rewards to be lacking and and just plain not good enough for all the effort even with the so called boosters that you can purchase with the war bucks.

I dabbled in a little No Mans Land and kept getting killed by my own team mates who I guess didn't realize or didn't care that there were objectives and that it wasn't just a free for all so after the tutorial and a few days I quickly deserted that one.

Then Peakvox arrived! I have almost nothing but good things to say about these guys!  I have been happy with everything they've done on home so far. At first I was a little worried about Peakvox Ninja for the same reason I quit playing No Mans Land and was happy to find that you could not kill your own team mates. A few people tried and quickly abandoned the idea when they found they were wasting their time.

Peakvox Labs is hands down my favorite of the two. The only complaint I have about this space is that I wish that the pets were all unique and not bigger re-skinned versions of the same 5 types. The flight controls on the Abduction simulator took a little getting used to but after that I was off andFlying.

After a little while of playing around in home I got sucked back into The Casino and shortly after found myself back in the number 1 spot. Then I decided I would lay back and give someone else a shot and laid back until I was in 4th again. This kept up for a while and then I advanced to the number 3 spot when one of the contenders decided to play casually and dropped back as well.

A few weeks later I talked to number 1 and he informed me that he was going to take a break and would likely not be finishing the season in the top spot. With no one else wanting to put up a fight with number 2 I decided that it now rested on my shoulders. I simply could not allow number 2 to become The global champ by default for lack of competition. After all there was a whole half a season left.

So now I've strapped on my boots and I'm ready to go. Because I laid back I was now around 8 million behind number 2 but I would not let that stop me. I'm going full force now sometimes putting in 12 hours a day and I'm now just 3 million behind. With 2.5 months left to go I just hope I'm still married when its all said and done. : )

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  1. You are treading on thin ice there buddy but as I see it your "Casino" habits are a little OCD and that would fall under, "in sickness and in health"... You're just lucky I'm a nurse and empathetic.