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Sunday, April 14, 2013

The Poker Tournament beta at the Casino went well.
All of the testing we did on the rooms really payed off.
Unfortunately after all my hard work I wasn't rewarded
with very good cards.

Over 500 people were entered into the contest and only
one prevailed. The few names that I did recognize in the
semifinal event sadly did not make it to the final table.

I was sure that one of my good friend madicus_6 would
have a spot on that coveted last table, or poker shark
Lookkin4MaryJane , instead the table was filled with
players that I had never seen in the casino before save
one in passing.

Congrats to the winner:


and props to the finalists :


I was hoping I would be able to get the prize item that
comes with first place, since this will probably be the only free
tournament, but I guess I'll have to dish out some cash for the
next tournament.

Hope to see all my friends at the next one. I'll be hoping for better cards

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