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Thursday, April 11, 2013

Poker Tournament Registration is Open!!!!

Poker Tournament codes have been distributed.  Come check out the Tournament room and prepare
for an epic battle between the Casino's Finest!

If you are having trouble getting to the tournament room just follow these simple steps.

1. Go to any space in the casino and look for a code to pop up on your screen with your code on it.

2. Once you've written the code down redeem it at the PS Store or you can go to account management
    you have to exit home to do it this way.

3. Once the code has been redeemed head to any one of your personal spaces and bring up the navigator

4. In the navigator scroll over to the house symbol that says redecorate, then, select add , go to the star
    symbol labeled ornaments, then select the poker chip item labeled Poker Tournament Key.

5. Place the item in your personal space and use it to get to the tournament room.

6. At the tournament room go to the registration desk and get your tournament bracelet!

*There is also a stand by the registration desk with more information about the tournament schedule.      

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