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Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Poker Tournament soft test tonight :

The second round of soft tests for the tournament
room at Digital Leisure's Paradise Springs Casino
starts at 7pm EDT tonight! Good luck to all those who
are participating! I hope all goes well so we can do the
full beta on Saturday.

Once the beta starts Participants will have 8 hours
to play as many games of poker as they
can in the qualifying room. Participants will start with
5000 chips and once they are gone you are out of
the tournament so play smart and bet wisely!

The top 36 participants with the most chips remaining
in their holdings will advance to the semi-final round.
Semi-Finals will be 6 tables with 6 players at each table.
This is where you especially need to use all of your skill
to win the table that you are assigned to. You only get one
shot at advancing to the final table. Each participant will
play 1 game at their assigned table in the semi-final room.
The winner from each table will advance to the final table
where you will get a chance at Casino Fame if you are the
first tournament champion!

Prizes are 25k in chips for 1st 10k for 2nd and 5k
for third for the beta. Once the beta is over and
Digital Leisure starts The "real" tournaments the
prizes will be multiplied by 10! That is 250k for 1st 100k
for 2nd and 50k for 3rd! Also, don't forget there will be
an exclusive Prize item for the tournament champion!

To Qualify for the beta all you need to do is play 10 games
of poker in the 30 day period before the beta, and yes the free
games count! So come down to Paradise Springs and test
your skills against some of Playstation Home's finest!

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