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Monday, April 22, 2013


YECK Land has proved confusing to many. With no clear instructions you can find yourself wandering around aimlessly and maybe stumble across a free T-shirt or 2. I tinkered around in here today and checked with some other sources and one thing became clear. If you wish to complete this space you will have to purchase tickets.

For those not wishing to spend money on this space like myself then basically all there is to do here is hit up the Rock Paper Scissors game shown behind me with the number 1 on it. Once you score 2000 points here you will receive a Tower defense T-shirt and you will be able to play level one of the Tower Defense game. All you have to do is beat level one in the Tower Defense game to receive a free companion.

There's also some more rewards if you can manage to get 30,000 points on either the Rock Paper Scissors game or the Flag game. Personally I've found The Rock Paper Scissors game easier to score points on. I am tired of T-shirt rewards myself and have only found 1 worth going for in any of the recent games and that was the animated virus T-shirt from the Peakvox labs space. 

So once I get the free rewards here I'll move on. I'm still trying for the 30,000 points.

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