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Sunday, April 21, 2013

The Divide - Movie review

The Divide is a Scifi/thriller from 2011. I stumbled on this while watching cable and set it to DVR because I was busy at the time that it aired. It sat there unwatched for about a month until nothing good was on and when all other options were exhausted I decided to give it a shot.

The story starts off with a nuclear explosion sending a group of survivors to the basement of their apartment building seeking safety from the chaos above.What ensues is a descent into madness as human nature reveals itself and the extremes people will go to when survival is at stake.

The Divide has some recognizable faces in it starting with Michael Biehn who is famous for two of my all time favorite movies, Aliens and The Terminator.The second actor who jumped out at me is the naughty brother who loves jazz and getting busy with his sister in the Adam Sandler movie That's My Boy. Milo Ventimiglia who plays Josh is one of those having trouble keeping his grip on reality alongside his partner in crime Bobby played by Michael Eklund.

The Divide is a movie you should definitely add to your watch list. It's ranks up there with another one of my apocalyptic favorites, The Signal. It seems to start off slow but once it gets going it doesn't stop until everyone's dead!

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